Promotional videos are one of the most effective ways to market your product or brand online. The excerpt below provides a few tips to help you when creating promotional videos.

Be Creative

Your level of creativity will determine the success of your video. Remember, you want your followers to share the video to increase its reach. People love stories. As such, your video must have a storyline. Alternatively, you could create interest by keeping the viewer in suspense. For instance, when marketing washing detergent, ask the seller if he or she has a problem with stubborn stains. Other approaches to make interesting promotional videos include customer testimonials, Q&A sessions, showing before and afters, conducting polls and sharing tips and tricks on how to use the product.

Make It Short

Your audience will lose interest if your video is too long. As such, your promotional video must be short (between 1-3 minutes). In this short time, you must: 

  1. Introduce your brand through word of mouth or visuals.
  2. Relay the marketing message. For instance, do you have an offer? Are you introducing a new brand? Are you educating your clients?
  3. Give a call to action explaining what value the viewers will get from your product.
  4. Give your advertising slogan or brand tagline.  

The length of your video may be determined by the social media avenue you intend to use. For instance, while some avenues do not have a restriction on video length, others will only allow a one- or two-minute video.

Video Quality

Your promotional video must be of high quality. Other than picture quality, the setting must be appealing to the eye. Besides, it must have adequate light. Eliminate all sorts of background noises, as they will distract the viewer. Music might help increase the depth of the message. If you want an animated video, use high-quality graphics.  

Consider Influencers

The goal of any promotional video is to reach as many viewers as possible. You could promote the video as a paid ad to reach a wider audience. Alternatively, you could ask social media influencers to share the video with their followers.

Choosing an influencer is a delicate task. You must conduct some background research to know if the influencer's followers would be interested in your brand. The individual must identify with your product.

Promotional videos should be creative, short and high quality. The videos should complement your overall marketing strategy. More often than not, you may need several videos targeting different audiences. To learn more, contact a company like Feur.