Technological advancements, such as the growth of the internet, have brought numerous innovations to ease business communication. One such innovation is VoIP (voice over internet protocol), a system by which calls can be made over the internet instead of relying on the traditional analog phone system. This technology offers business owners several advantages. This article discusses some of those advantages that your company can enjoy if you use this technology.

Lower Call Costs

An immediate benefit that your company would reap if you installed a VoIP business telephone system is reduced call costs. VoIP hosts charge the same fee for all users on their network, regardless of the location of those users. This is because the system is internet-based so geographical boundaries mean nothing to the technology. If you have multiple offices in several regions or countries, all the calls between the users in those different offices will be treated as local calls. This will result in significant savings since long distance call rates will be a thing of the past, so your profits will increase.

Freeing Employee Time

VoIP business phone systems can be programmed to have an "auto-attendant" (a pre-recorded menu that is played so that the caller enters a code to have his or her call directed to the department or person who can address his or her concern). This feature reduces the workload of some personnel, such as the receptionist since the system is able to filter calls and direct them to the relevant office. This filtering system enables employees to spend their time attending to their core functions (such as making sales calls) instead of being interrupted by calls that should ideally go to other offices. The productivity levels of your employees will be boosted since they will focus on their work if there is an auto-attendant on the VoIP business telephone system.

It Allows You to Monitor Staff Work Rates

VoIP technology can allow you to monitor the work rate of your staff since the system can record all calls so that you review them at your leisure. For instance, you can monitor how many calls each customer care representative has handled in a month if you operate a call center to which customers call with queries. Such information can help you to identify the most efficient staff (those with the largest volumes of calls handled) and you can promote those individuals to higher management roles since you will have received concrete proof of their performance.

Business telephone systems that use the internet (such as VoIP systems) are very instrumental in enabling your company do its work better. Get one installed and you will reap the benefits above. For more information, visit